1736 Wisenbakers (Weisenbachers) and Dashers (Daeschers) arrived in Savannah Ga. From Salzburg, Austria as part of what was
know as the Salzburger group, who had been expelled from Austria for their religious beliefs

1814 Land that would eventually be Lowndes County was ceded to the government by the
Native American Indians in the Treaty of Fort Jackson.

1820 A land lottery was held to divide up the former Indian land

1840 First settlers appeared in what is now south Lowndes

1842 The land Dasher now occupies was originally conveyed to Benjamin S. Jordan in an original land Grant

1842 Richard Herman Wisenbaker held the first church services in his home

1870 First person buried in Dasher Cemetery was John v. Dasher (1yr old) (was buried prior to land being donated)

1882 The land Dasher now occupies was passed from James Wisenbaker to Virgil Franklin and Mary Catherine Wisenbaker

1884 Richard Herman Wisenbaker donated land for a sanctury and a cemetery.
(Corinth Church of Christ now know as the Dasher Church of Christ)

1888 Post Office (Poastmaster Virgil Franklin Dasher)

1893 Dasher was established (population ?)

1902 Southern and Florida Railroad added a small flag station ten miles south of Valdosta (called Dasher station)

1911 Corinth Christian Church was remaned the Dasher Church of Christ

1914 Dasher Bible School was organized (now know as Georgia Christian school)

1952 Dasher Church of Christ was moved to its current location

1967 Georgia Christian Childens Home (Name was change to Raintree Village in 1987)

1968 Dasher was Incorporated (population: ?)

1997 Land and building was purchased from the Armstrong family for the future City hall

1997 Land and house was purchased from the Allen family for the future Community Center

2001 New City Hall was dedicated on April 2, 2001

2005 Land was purchased from Jamie Wisenbaker for the future park and museum

2008 Park and museum was opened

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